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The official disclosure of the most popular MMO game ¡°RuneScape¡± finally took place

The official disclosure of the most popular MMO game ¡°RuneScape¡± finally took place

In 2001, the British game manufacturer Jagex launched the massively multiplayer online role-playing game ¡°RuneScape¡± (Jiang Hu, (hereinafter abbreviated as ¡°RS¡±). This game is second only to World of Warcraft in the world and has already obtained Guinness World. Record The most popular free MMORPG game. RS has always been known for its rich storyline, huge trading system, playability and flexibility, and 17 years later, this free PC-based MMORPG game is still strong. It is reported that the number of global registered users of this game has reached 250 million, and this years mobile version will be released soon.
At this year¡¯s GDC conference, Jagex CEO Phil Mansell (Phil Mansell) spoke about his views on RS. Phil believes that RS is not just a real-time online game, it is a live game. This game not only provides players with endless open world stories but also meaningful social experiences.

Here is the dialogue between the media and Phil Mansell:

The official disclosure of the most popular MMO game ¡°RuneScape¡± finally took place
Foreign media: What is the current situation of the company?

Mansher: The progress is very good. We are now a year of restart. At GDC, we began to discuss with colleagues and partners in the industry what we are doing to lay the foundation for the companys development.

In 2016, China Tech Holdings (later renamed ¡°Fujian Interactive¡±) announced the acquisition of Jagex. With the change of corporate ownership, the companys development strategy at the beginning of last year has also been adjusted. I have been with the company for several years and I was promoted to CEO at the beginning of last year. For me, this is a great opportunity. Our board asked us how we want to run the company. This is not imposed on us. The question is, what do we hope Jagex will look like in the future? What do we hope to fight for and build in the future?

We have seriously thought about what we are good at, what we do in RS games, and the many things we do in community interaction and empowering players. We have conducted very modern online operations with our development and marketing teams. Our games have a long life cycle. We have taken into account these and the future trends of the industry.

One of the things that I find most interesting is the supply and demand relationship between publishers and players. In terms of publishers, the production cost of games has increased year by year. Correspondingly, the cost of acquiring users is also rising. You need a balance. If you want to spend more money on the game, you need more income. This is why the real-time service adapts and why it has such a great momentum of development.

On the other hand is the needs of players. Players love to master their own games, become part of the community, and make friends. In online games based on community services, players can have a good gaming experience. We have accumulated rich experience in such games and have seen these needs.
Foreign media: How did you do it?

Manschel: We asked ourselves, How much real-time online games are we good at, and how are they related to the direction of the industry? The result is that we think the two are closely related. If publishers and players can all benefit from real-time online free games, this trend will surely continue to grow. We are on the right track, but we need to maintain our own competitiveness.

To maintain this competitiveness, we conducted many seminars with our staff. We hope they will be part of this process. We put forward such a statement: We want to become the worlds leading developer and distributor of real-time online games. We dont want to only play real-time online games, but to do live games. This is the intent of the statement - you want to set a goal for yourself, let yourself continue to progress, rather than just satisfied with the status quo.
We have done a lot of innovations in the market, including net red participation and live interactive communities. We focused on e-sports early on. We want to make sure that we really understand where the most special place for such hyper-real-time online games is so that we can better break ourselves.

When people talk about such games, they often ask: ¡°What is the difference between a ¡°live¡± game and a real-time online game?¡±

We have 5 standards, and do what we are good at, and see the industry trends - what are the best online game developers and publishers doing? In gameplay mechanics, a clear design concept helps a game become evergreen. We have been operating RS for 17 years and have accumulated experience from difficulties. If you want to run a game with an infinite lifecycle and update it once a week, it can be very challenging. You need to make sure it doesnt get duplicated or overly complicated because you add all of this to keep it fresh. This is a design discipline in itself.

Foreign media: How do you tell an open story?

Manshel: First of all, you must have a smooth narration, and you cant have a blunt pause. How to have an uncertain and meaningful system of progress? These are quite challenging, but we are very fortunate because we have solved some of these problems over time.

The second aspect is to empower players. In games, the more players have the right to speak, the more they think they have. They feel real emotional investment, which means they are more satisfied and loyal to the game. Another benefit is that if you listen carefully to the players feedback and adjust the game according to their requirements, you will create a better game.

The third aspect is to create a dynamic gaming experience and a game world. Many games, the way they are set up and constructed, are basically static. You can create something more like a world - it is more unpredictable, new things happen, people feel full of energy and excitement.

It is very important to update the game and keep it fresh and exciting. When we think about this issue, we are not updating every quarter, but we update it several times a week. This becomes more like real life. Fresh, interesting and unpredictable things are happening all the time.

The fourth aspect is that live games should be meaningful social experiences that can connect players together. The deep social connection is that you and others are facing the danger and solving problems in the same game world. This is different from automatically joining a strange team after 10 minutes. Players can only see an asynchronous list on the screen. Although these things are better than nothing, they still have a long way to go from the players true emotional connection with others in the game. This is not only a one-to-one relationship, but also a tribal relationship and a broader social community relationship. Its not just about friends, but also fierce competition among rivals and communities. These things make the game incredibly exciting.

The fifth aspect is, to some extend, that is, the experience of the community outside the game. The community often does this, but we have found that if we empower players to do it, support them, and encourage them, they will appear on social media - Reddit and game forums. You can also help content creators. This will be very different.
In addition, we also invite players to our studio, hold a grand annual fan conference, do a lot of live shows, and charity events, which blur the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world. This also means that your core users can not only establish a close relationship with the game but also with the community. It turns the threshold of the game from a personal hobby to a real part of life.

The official disclosure of the most popular MMO game ¡°RuneScape¡± finally took place

Foreign media: Can you talk about business strategy?

Manschel: When it comes to our business strategy, the first and most obvious is to continue to develop and operate our RS series of games. The next big step is to migrate our games from the PC to the mobile. It allows players to participate in the same game with the same account, role, and virtual bank account. Players can play on the computer, quit, go for a walk, take a bus, go to work, and continue playing on their mobile devices.

Currently we are still in the closed beta phase. We are very optimistic about this idea. In the RS life cycle, we have a global registered account of 250 million. As you might expect, many players who have played this game no longer play computer games. But many people tell us that if they can play this game on mobile, they will be happy to come back. They love this game, but they have grown up. They have a family, work, and cant spend five hours each night playing in the MMORPG.

We are fortunate that RS is a very flexible game. You can play five to ten minutes and have a good experience. We believe that on mobile devices, our existing players can play more - because they can use the shard time to play, or can let the old players who lost our game played 10 years ago to resume the game and continue Play it. This also opens a door for a new batch of players - they are mobile gamers, and they did not play games on the PC at first. We are almost certain to be the first large MMORPG in the West to use mobile devices, not to mention fully interoperable and able to play across devices.
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