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EA Will Make FIFA Ultimate Team Better

One of the biggest frustrations of the FIFA Ultimate Team is the online connection.

Whether it is in the game or the game suddenly stopped, EA server FIFA community have been constantly hot. However, for Dream Team Gaming, EA SPORTSs chief game producer Sam Rivera said it was taking steps to make these issues a FIFA 18 past.

Theres going to be some lagging time about the decision to keep the server around the world - people who stay away from the server. So what were doing now is that a group of people just specializes in the connection and they are trying to try and To provide the best experience. Obviously, for geographical reasons, this is not easy, but we know that some people are experiencing bad things - especially in the highly competitive game.

Even losing a connection because of disconnection may mean that you do not qualify for the region - so we know and work hard, he added, which is technically difficult.

Your internet connection may not be the only thing that can help delay - your TV may not have any effect on you.

Follow the steps below to make sure the game is ready.

Hunt down the game presets of the TV

If you play the TV directly on a TV, you have the opportunity to turn on a large number of flashing picture processors. Sadly, these may affect the input delay, so most now have a game preset. These may be hard to find, but are usually located in the Pictures section of the Settings menu.

The game mode works by turning off the load on these processors, which greatly reduces the input hysteresis. There are some reports that delays can be cut by 50%. Please note that some game modes still maintain some features such as motion blur control and noise reduction on, so please double check and disable all of them. If not ... well, you know what will happen.

Turn off the eco mode and reduce the backlight

Now look, energy savings. The eco mode in the TV automatically adjusts the photo according to the light - but it is too radical, resulting in an unnatural appearance that will make your eyes tense. This will not affect hysteresis, but rather that closing it is a quicker creation of richer colors for detailed images, thereby enhancing the overall experience.

To improve the contrast, make sure the backlight is set to 0 and the contrast is not set to maximum. The latter will result in less detail in the darker and brighter scenes. Make sure that the console signal is progressive, rather than whether the interlaced input hysteresis is affected by whether the TV receives interlaced or progressive signals from the console.

If it is staggered, it will have an i, for example: 1080i. If it is progressive, it will have a p, such as 1080p. Make sure you enter the TV output area in Ps4 or Xbox One and make sure there is a p next to the output.

In this way, you go very well.

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